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    how much cycle with established rock?

    I have to move in a month, so I figured good excuse to buy another tank. I only have a one week window to set up the new tank and start transfering. I bought some extra substrate and rock to add at initial setup, then plan on slowly moving things over in the week after. Will I see any cycle? Will it stress everything if I move all the fish and coral on the last day. I'll probably move the hardier stuff a couple days after setup. Any advice on this would be appriciated.

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    you are going from what size to what size?How long has the other tank has been runnig?How much LR?How long Is the move?What is your livestock?

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    Your window is short. Try to also re-use as much water from the first set-up as well, but the reality is you should expect that not everything will make it. Better to try and loan some of your stuff out to other tanks and re-introduce stuff slowly.

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    You shouldn't see any cycle if the LR is only out of the water for a short time. The corals and the fish will be slightly stressed from the move, but it shouldn't be a big deal. It's basically like doing a very large water change, so there isn't much to worry about. You should easily be able to do it in one day.

    The only issue you may have is the new LR. Where are you getting it from? Has it already been cycled? If it's been in an established tank for a while, then you're ok. If it's new from the LFS you will want to cycle it in a seperate container and add it to the new tank when it's ready.

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    The bacteria in the sand will be disturbed and die off. That's for sure. I would guess that it depends on how much live rock and water you reuse - Too many variables.

    Me and a buddy moved his 55g the other day and he managed to keep everything alive, so the sand shouldn't be too much problem. Wait - I take that back: A psuedo hid in a rock, so it suffocated while the rocks were in transit - Not our fault though. He is at 1.5 pounds of rock per gallon. I would say if you have that much you should be okay - depending on what livestock are moving.

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    All the live rock is cured, I've been stocking my refugium with extra. I'm going from a 77 to a 150. The move is only four blocks away. I think the new tank will only be running for a week with old rock and sand. Because it is only a short move, I'm hoping to keep the LR submerged in rubbermaid buckets and take lots of trips.

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