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    UPS for your reef tank?

    We had a power outage last week and I was worried about my fish until the power came back on 1.5 hours later.

    I was wondering how many people use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for your reef tank. If yes, how much did you pay for yours, where did you buy it, what brand and model it is, how many pieces of equipment were protected (e.g. power heads, heaters), and how long it lasted through an outage?

    I am planning to buy one and the ones I could find in Future Shop were more tailored to PCs which has extra software and a USB port to gracefully shut down your PC before the battery runs out. It seems I don't need those features and I'd prefer to not pay for those extra things. Just a plain UPS would do. Any recommendations?

    I swear, my wife suggested the UPS first  ;D It's not like I need yet another piece of equipment for my tank ;D
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    Re: UPS for your reef tank?

    I've had my tank go through 4-6 hour power outtages without any problem.  If I know the power is going off (rarely but at times hydro tells us) then I just heat up R/O water to about 95 degrees.  I add a pitcher every half hour which helps with temp, and oxygen.  More than 6 hours, I go get the generator out and hook up a powerhead and heater.  this hasn't happened yet.  Keep in mind, when you buy fish and corals, they spend 24+ hours ina bag.  Good Luck in your search ;D
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    Re: UPS for your reef tank?

    I have a small UPS on my breeding setup, mostly to deal with power outages that last about 1 second or so - lots of thoses up in Chelsea. I'm also planning to set up a battery backup system as described in a FAMA mag article a little while ago, but that a more of a manual hookup contraption

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