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    Reef with Canister Filters

    Do you think it it possible to house a successful reef setup with canister filters only?
    if so... how?  
    if not... why?


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    Re: Reef with Canister Filters

    I use to run my 90 gallon reef with a Fluval 404.  This was great for carbon use when needed but after 4-5 months (with media changes) the nitrates went up to 15-20.  Although some feel these are still acceptable I didn't.  For Fish only it's OK but not a reef.  I found that when livestock increased (snails, fish, crabs, corals) the nitrates rise.  Once I removed teh canister, the nitrates dropped to 5 in about 4-6 days.  Not much of an explaination but just my experience.  They can be Nitrate factories on a well stocked system. :
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    Re: Reef with Canister Filters

    I've operated my 60 for a year with live rock and a fluval 403. ( i was mainly using it for water flow). 2 weeks ago, i switched to RO water. Last week the impeller died  in the 403. it was making an awful racket and no water flowing thru it, so i re adjusted the rest of the power heads with a promise to check out the canister. Well, the canister is still seating there, with no ill effects on the system. I intend to remove the canister, along with hoses, intakes and outputs. I can see no ill effects in the tank, as a matter of fact life inside the tank looks better, maybe its the RO water. I do intend to pick up a a small maxi jet pump to provide current near to the bottom, (i have a spot where detrious materal likes to collect).
    Let the rock do the filtering, and do the regualr water changes.
    And i'm thinking of aborting a proposed sump, because of the exterior overflow box, and its potential for floods, for simply an automatic top up system for water replacement, since the RO water is working so well.

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