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Thread: healing corals.

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    healing corals.

    well, as some of you know I moved in the early part of SEPT. and of course little losses occur when moving.I wanted to just post some info that I thought was interesting.
    My POCILIPORA broke in half and some of the branches died and algea grew on the branches. I thought this was not supposed to happen but the POCILIPORA is taken over those branches again abd growing over the algea!
    A head of CANDYCANE came in contact with another coral over night and about 1/8" died with just skeleton showing. It to has grown back over the skeleton which I thought wasn't supposed to happen. very amazing to see this.

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    Great to hear for a change that things are working out great after a move! :thumb:

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    :thumb: Great to hear Johnster...
    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    I sounds like someone keeps water and health of there take in great shape. What a great recovery. Do to you of course.

    Nice one

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