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Thread: Frags.....

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    I think I heard someone mention that they wanted to exchange frags.

    My tank is fairly new, but I think it needs a little more than what I have. What better way is there to diversify my tank.

    If anyone has any ideas what we can do let me know
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    Re: Frags.....

    how old is your tank and ehat kind of lighting do you have...????

    I started out with frags and have since been cutting from them as they have all grown.  I love watching them grow and with frags, you can fill almost every little corner of the tank.  If you have the lighting, get the fast growing Montipora Digitatas...I have purple, orange and green.  They double in size about every 6 months.  Candy cane corals are great for fragging also aas they grow fast.  Others to consider is pulsing xenia...if you live close to kitchener ontario, I'd give you those for cheap, as they grow sooooooo fast.  We're lucky in Toronto area as the TOronto Aquarium society holds a frag night once a year.  everyone pays $15 and they get in about 6-7 large corals.  Then they hold an information type setting showing how to frag corals.  Everyone leaves with 3-5 good size coral frags...all for $15.  You might want to try and set something like this up where you live.  You make money in the end.  Just a thought.  Good Luck :
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    Re: Frags.....

    that's a great idea... definitely going to keep that in mind for the future.  Thanks mouse

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