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    Ne1 here use the ML Tide Pool Silent Overflow

    ML Tide Pool Silent Overflow

    I have one and I'm having a hard time trying to keep air out of the utube. I setup a check-valve on the utube directly. This allows me to suck the air out, but not have the water flow out either. I can get all the air out, but within hours, there is more air.

    I'm thinking of replacing the standard utube that comes with it with two 1" tubes, but want to see if anyone else has had this issue with their utubes.

    Ne1 have any ideas?


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    I've had one before and it worked well, traded up to a CPR with dual outlets due to a higher flow requirement...

    May I suggest hooking up a MaxiJet 1200 to the tube to ensure to remove all air continuously from the U-Tube...

    Use black tubing, that way your lights won't cause algae to grow inside the air tube and eventually block it...

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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