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Thread: New 10000K bulb

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    New 10000K bulb

    Ok the last time I posted about the new 400 watt, 10000K bulb I got from venkiw I said it would be the last....well I lied...I have to share the news...

    I have done nothing new to my tank in the past month and a half since I added this new bulb. I have a scroll coral that is the slowest scroll coral I have ever seen grow. Well in one month it has grown out it's edges almost half a centimeter...this is an incredible growth rate. My monti-caps are all doing the same. My red star polyps have doubled in size, I have pruned pulsing xenia twice, mushrooms have all split several times, moti-digitata exploding. The proof is now in the corals. Not a thing has changed over this time but the bulb so hats of to you Venkiw....thanks for making my tank that much better.

    Now this is the last bulb post...I promise.

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    hehehe... thats great new mouse... I'll be test driving a few of these myself over the next couple weeks... hope the results are the same!!!


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    I plan on buying a set of ballast from venkiw , can`t wait to get it and try it , I had some green star polyp witch I lost, I got a few more from momrules, I just hope they will survive long enough for the light to come it, that should help it
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