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    branch hammer coral help required

    Picked up a piece at the LFS. It was fully extended when i first saw it at the store. But when i bought it it was only extending about a 1/4". I never noticed in the store, that in the middle of  the branch opening, there is an opaque, cloudy bubble, about the size diameter of a pencil eraser, around which the hammers surround. I'm thinking that's what is restricting the extension of the coral. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? i've searched reefcentral, etc. without success. I plan on giving it some time, like 2 weeks in my tank, to see if the condition clears up. Could it simply be that the branches are splitting, does the coral retract for a period of time when it splits?
    Water is good, coral location is as optimal as i can make, according to what i've read, and it's at least 6" away from anything else. Thanks.

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    Re: branch hammer coral help required

    Wait a couple days if you just put the coral in.  It'll take time to settle into the new environment.  gota be patient.
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