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    lost my cucumber!

    i looked everywhere in my tank today and didn;t see him all day. it's a tiger cucumber. i'm just worried because i was told that they can poison the tank if they die.
    do they burrow through the sand or something? if i can't find him in the next few days i think i;m going to take my live rock out to look for him, but if it comes to that he's out of the tank for good, dead or alive
    how hardy are these cucumbers? am i just worrying for nothing?

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    they sleep almost all day and come out at night. they burrow in around the rocks and its not unusual to not see them for LONG periods of time. look for small piles of clean sand pellets in the morning.

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    when i had mine i wasnt seeing him for weeks and all of a sudden he would pop up

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    they burry in sand too if i can remember correctly.
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    go check in your garden,or your local metro store.hahahahaha

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    Cucumbers can poison the whole tank in seconds I experienced it first hand. When they die however they don't tend to poison the water they only poison the water when they are afraid of something. It happened when I was cleaning the tank glass with a magnetic cleaner I came within 4-6 inches of it. by the time I was finished the fish were breathing really heavey - I thought it was the shock of the cleaning but when I came back to the tanks 20 minutes later everything was dead (except the astrea snails).

    If it were a poison issue you would know in minutes your fish would be breathing heavy and at the top of the tank.

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    I wouldn't worry too much. Tiger cucs have never been documented to poison a tank. It is the more exotics that have that reputation. I started with 2 tiger cucs and they have split into 15 over the years.
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