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Thread: Crab question

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    Crab question


    Today when I was back home and loking into my tank I have found what look like a crab... It's all white with a little brown on the top. And it look like it's a outer shell(like if the crab has molten).

    Could it be true that a crab molt like a shrimp... or is it only a dead body that the flow as bring back to the front.

    Also I had some green buble and from a couple of days I have most of them disapear. Could it be one of my fish(tang, foxface) or a hidden crab who is eating them.

    Thank you,
    Martin Langlois

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    Crabs do molt, I've seen some hermit crab molts in my tank before. My emerald crab at the little bit of bubble algae I had in my tank, so yes it's possible that that crab ate your bubble algae.

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    I have seen many crab molts. But the neatest thing I have seen is a crab change shell. It is funny the way they study the shell over and over before taking the plunge. Then don't blink cause you'll miss it.

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