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    Can anyone sugest a chiller that would work for a total of 50 gallons of water. I need to bring the temp down by 5F

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    If you don't have AC go that route first. Chillers are costly and service only your tank. AC will do the house or room if window mounted so both you and the tank can benefit from it's installation. That's how I feel about chillers ...

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    i have AC at home but seem like its still not enough for my tank. I hope i wont have to buy an chiller for my tank...

    Ktown, i would suggest you to put more fans in your top blowing on the surface of the water. If its stay stable, then you wont have to buy an expensive item instead.

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    Venting your lights and / or raise them a touch can really improve temp. as well.

    Until I hung my lights the way they were designed to be, my tank gained 5*F daily when the MH turned on. Now with a fan blowing across the sump timed to the MH lights I gain about 0.3*F in 4 hours.

    I'll get back to you on a full period, I'm still testing...

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