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    Had a close call .....

    I got up this morning and it looks like my anemone caused a pretty big rock to tumble off the pile. It stopped about 4 inches from the front pane. I don't think it could have broke the glass but it likely could have put a nasty group of scratches in the glass.
    I wouldn't have guessed that an anemone could produce that much hydraulic pressure by inflating itself but that appears to be what happened. There is no damage to the anemone that I can see so I will guess it was not actually attached to that particular rock. I will be able to see better when the lights come on.
    So I guess if you have large anemones in your tank ... be aware of the risk depending on where they set up shop.

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    Gee's Rob you only posted on one of the other post that you have never had a spill over 5 gallons..... Gee's could you imagine. 225 Gallons. My God.
    Mike Philpott

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    Looks like it pays to "knock on wood" LOL

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    yes you were lucky to find wood as everything is made of plastic now

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