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    Question Looking 4 Welder.

    I'm planning on building my tank instead of ordering it as the size I want won't fir thru the door.[I know,I'm insane].
    I'm looking for someone who can either weld me a top and bottom frame out of angle iron or give me some advice on what to use and how. I can coat the metal so salt won't rust it. I think angle would be the most cost effective but it has to be perfectly square on the inside seems so that the glass fits tight. any help?

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    Sounds like you need a bigger door....

    Welding a frame for glass would be very tricky...with exact dimensions big are we talkin?

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    I used to be a welder that specialized in stainless steel and TIG welding on aluminum. I used to build the big shiny chromed tanks you see trucks pulling for milk and other such liquids. These tanks at times were pressurized so I also worked on pressure welding. This is all to say that I could easily construct the frame you need and that you could be confident that it would be done properly and solid, but I don't have any of the equipment to do it. ( how's that for dangling a carrot in front of you??!!!). If worse comes to worse, I know somewhere that could possibly do it for you, but I would have to ask them because it is the school where I learned to be a welder. I know they often take external projects.

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