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    Rubbermaid trash cans

    i have been using rubbermaid totes for years for mixing new sw, i was just wondering whether the trash cans are also suitable, i hope so as i just bought two.
    Does anyone else use these for storing s/w?
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    I can't speak from personal experience (not yet anyways), but many reefers use the rubbermaid trash cans (I assume you mean the plastic ones).
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    i did for a while use those big rubbermade trash cans from canadian tire with no problem and i know alot uses them too...make sure you rinse WELL with hot water before using.

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    I'm using 2 Roughneck Rubbermaid trashcans... One for freshwater and one for saltwater.
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    The roughneck rubbermaid products are OK to use. If I am not mistaken any plastic container sold in Canada that is not food safe MUST state that it is not for food storage right on the lable.

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    cool thanx guys
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    I'd like to add that food grade is probally the way to go. Many studies have shown regular plastic to do all kind of damange such as memory loss ect.. Carbon is a good defence.

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    its ok i dont mind my fish having memory loss, everyday a new day, just like my grandad (altziemers)
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