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    Strawberry Conch

    I've tried to do some research on strawberry conchs and have come up with unreliable info. I'd like to hear of some opinions or experiences. The lack of a latin name assigned to all specimens I have seen for sale means I have not been able to get any behaviorial descriptions. I need to know if a specimen would be ok to house in a 55Gal. with hermits, soft corals etc... I think it would be pretty cool to see a conch crawling around my tank but I need to be dead certain it won't do more harm then good.
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    Go for it.

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    I have a few in my tank and they are interesting .. when their not underground.

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    I have three in my tank and they are constantly cleaning the sand bed, and the base of the LR.

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    Love my conch. Stirs up my sandbed and eats algae. Interesting little critters.
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    I have 2 since last week in my tank 55G I had problem with brown algea those guy's made a huge difference


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