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    I am late reading this of course but.....

    Wow...this is quite a surprise this whole mess!!!
    I feel bad for the store (supplier) ANDDDD I feel
    bad for Kadir...I have met him...he is a very swell person.

    I think that Kadir may have a few too many hands in too many fires and when one finger got burned or **appeared** to...he just started yelling FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!

    Honestly...I believe the supplier did an admirable job to fix the situation and Kadir God Bless his heart jumped a wee bit to
    conclusion in a TRUE FRUSTRATION he was in.....

    If I was the supplier I would CERTAINLY FOGIVE KADIR ...
    but if I had never MET the guy I may not be able to say that so easily... I have met Kadir twice in about a 10-15 minute transaction private sale both times.....My opinion is that
    #1 he is TOTALLY not a trouble maker type of person
    #2 if anything, honestly he came across as a very humble and
    sort of shy person...but definitely passion for hobby

    I really do not for a SECOND believe that Kadir has full understanding of ramifications of his frustraton but after meeting this person I encourage everyone to take this whole situation with a very light grain of salt... Kadir is really
    a very nice person I truly believe.. I also believe the supplier
    did their best to keep him happy.... ITS THE DAMN MAIL that EVERYONE SHOULD BLAME!!!! CANADA POST YOU SUCK!!!!

    I hope everyone believes what I have said above ....
    I have no reason to b.s. anyone...I barely know him very well but have met him twice(Kadir) and I dont know the supplier at all......

    It is a sad occurance but Aquaria please forgive Kadir .....
    Kadir.....if anything NEVER SHIP ANYTHING worth any
    value with Canada Post! LESSON LEARNED.

    Now both parties should forgive on this..seriously.

    "here endeth the lesson" (Sean Connery from UNTOUCHABLES) hahaah


    "My God Reefs are Gorgeous!"

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    ???? DID I miss something or is everyone else in the same bost as I am????
    Mike Philpott

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    it's either this:
    or this:

    And I don't know what a bost is, but I'm not in one

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    ohh no sara... please don't bring that thread back up... hehe

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    Wow, man.
    I just waisted 2 hours reading thos threads.
    It was almost like soap opera. LOL.
    Since I have no cable yet...entertaining.
    Thx. Sara. LOL.

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    This guy must actually have a clnical problem.

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    Someone please close / lock this thread before IT also gets out of hand.

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