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    Sweet Frags (Thanks John!)

    I think the title says it all Thanks for the frags John!

    BTW the sight of your tank really impressed my wife (not to mention myself, but I at least had expectations). I think she's finally starting to come around to the whole glass box idea since our visit!

    Frags seem to all be doing fine, polyp extension looks good, flow seems to be adequate.

    The millepora looks excellent, polyps really extended

    This guy (tricolor I believe?) is the only one that I'm concerned about. Sorry for the photo, but its in an area that refuses to focus I can only see a tiny bit of polyp extension. I'm sure he'll come around too though!

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    looks good! some corals really extend at night. check your tank after about an hour when the lights go out. the TRICOLOR is one that really extends at night as do alot of the acros.

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    Hey John,
    The buttons I got from you the other day are real nice Thanks

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