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    new tank, Suggestions please!

    Alright guys!

    I have decided to setup another tank.. Mainly because we have decided to tear down the 90 gallon at Lizís house in preparation for our new life together when we get married next Sept

    So I have moved 70% of her contents into my 135 gallon ( Fish, coral and some rock ) and i have moved rock into my 90 gallon pred tank as well..

    Only issue is that she has a pair of very healthy clownfish that are VERY Friendly to one and other.. so we have decided that they should not go into either of my tank as the pred tank they could become lunch for the lion and in my 135 i already have a very aggressive pair of Percs.. So i have a old 29 gallon tank here i have decided to dedicate to her Clownfish, As she did not want to get rid of anything as our new house will have a nice big Reef in it

    So this is what i would like to do..

    29 Gallon tank ( 24 Long , 24 high , 12 wide ) Not Drilled.. Nor will I ..

    Got about 50 pounds of live rock left, If i can fit it all i will Couple of maxi jets kicking with a 75 watt heater for it.. and a nice Big hang on filter to hold the heater and Carbon...

    Where i come into needed some assistance.. is this..


    I have kicking around in my basement 2 options.. 20k 175 watt Single ended on a Tar ballast or a 14k 250 watt single ended on a Tar ballast!

    I was thinking considering there are only going to be two small fishes... and lots of rock.. NO SKIMMER, Then i might just think about keeping some acros and other SPS in there use it kind of as a Grow out tank as well as a holding tank for the clowns! .. Was thinking that this tank with a few nice Frags.. ANDY im coming to see you they should grow out nicely in the next 12-18 months until we get married and get our house.. Making for nice colonies when i setup the new tank..

    So what do you all think? 175 or 250... I know we all want MORE POWER! .. But it is still a rather small tank.. don't want to cook the clowns or the mushrooms they have hosted too..

    This tank will be setup in my Bedroom.. ( Nice 10,000 BTU AC unit ) in there keeping my room a nice Toasty 65 Degrees So keeping the tank under control Temp wise should be easy..


    Any input would be nice.. Keep in mind i will only be running the Halide on the tank.. No supplements at all


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    I'd go 250, just cause you can. The jump to from 175 to 250 isn't that huge and with 250 i imagine you'd get some wicked growth on your sps for your new tank.

    Originally i would have said whatever you like more, but if you're looking to get some really decent growth on some sps i'd go 250.

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    I have a 30gal with a single 175watt 20K over it. A few fish and some corals. I recently picked up a 250watt setup that I think I will use to replace the 175. 250 is not over kill for a tank that size. I have the 175 on a pendant an it gives good lighting, bright at the center (SPS and LPS are placed there) and dimmer on the edges (Softies go there!) Go for the 250!

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    BTW my tak is a 3', no skimmer, not drilled either. A hang on fuge on the back from Harley and an 802 for flow, plus a Fluval 404 for flow and a few extra gals of cap (no media in the fluval).

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    I'd think about an auto top-off if you're putting an MH light over the 29 other than that, since you can go big

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Aww, I would not need a Autotop off, I mean right i have a 20 gallon Tub of water sitting in my room..Been in there now for 2 days.. and the water is sitting at 73 Degrees.. I think by the time i add the Halide it will increase my temps a few degrees i might still need a heater to maintain 79.. So, Being able to maintain 79 i would not need to run fans so i would not have very much evap.. so there would be no need for topup

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