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Thread: vho bulbs

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    vho bulbs

    Hi just looking for some input on VHO bulbs.How do Corallife compare to URI,etc.I found a place advertising Corallife VHO 48" for $23.95 for any of their bulbs.Thanks for your time and input.

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    from all my readings and by try'ng both types of lamps, I say they don't compare. URI are by far a better product. They also have internal reflectors which the other guys do not.

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    IN the beginning, I also used te Coral life brand and didn't like them, they got blackened ends very quick and just didn't give the same end result as URI's did from looking at the corals. I have always since used the URI's from then on for all my flourescants.

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    I use the URI VHO's as well ...

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    There is an interesting article on the ICECAP site comparing URI's and NO. The ballast will boost NO bulbs to twice their normal output. I tried some, and didn't notice a lot of difference in the corals. But the bulbs did get blackened ends quickly, and I am now going back to the URI's. THe higher wattage, reflectors, and longer life are likely worth the extra few bucks. I have ordered a corallife actinic though.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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