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    Adding plug to pc

    I have a 36" 192W JEBO pc light with 2 swiches, one for lights and one for moon lights, but only one plug. I want to put the moon lights on its own plug so they can be on a seperate timer. Is this as simple as disconnecting power from moon light switch and wiring a plug directly to it.


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    That all depends on how the circuit is wired... (This is in very laymen terms but I hope you get the idea)... If there is 120VAC going to (and coming out of) that switch then Yes.. you can probably do it that way.. What you'll need to figure out is, if there is a transformer in that circuit before the switch! If so you won't be able to wire in a plug at the switch (you'll end up blowing something up!) you'll have to do it somewhere before the transformer. If this is the case you need to be very sure of what you are doing! Basically what you are trying to accomplish is to create two discrete circuits. You'll need to make sure that the power from the newly created moonlight circuit has no way to get into the circuit for the other lights. If you're not familiar with basic electronics then I suggest taking the light to pretty much any electronics repair guy and explain what you are trying to do.. They will be able to do it (If they are willing!).

    Cheers and Good luck!

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    I haven't opened it up yet, but you sound right. I'll see whats feeding the moon lights and tap in before that. I'm fairly handy and don't think this thing is going to be too complicated inside.

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