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Thread: Worst LFS?

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    Worst LFS?

    Ok, so whatís the worst LFS in your area? I have Two that I need to complain about.

    1) Pet Zone in Sarnia. The owner is keeping a set of 8 33g tanks under 2 T12NO bulbs per tank without any form of reflectors. I know that NOís are fine for fish only tanks but, sheís keeping softies in 7 and the 8th is set up as a prop tank with softies, LPS, and SPS. Her tanks crashed a week ago and I offered my advice on upgrading her lighting. I told her to put reflectors on the 7 softie tanks and a new Vho setup with reflector on the prop tank. She didnít listen or change anything and her tanks are going downhill again. She keeps pointing at the 24g DX Nano Cube with PC lighting (and a reflector) on the counter saying everything is growing great in there and I donít do anything different, I donít get itÖ

    2) Big Alís in London. I went in there to check it out a day after their shipment came in. There was 8 dead saltwater fish. I thought it may have been unfair to judge on one visit so a month later I went back. To my horror there was about a dozen dead fish. I asked the girl working there if the just got a shipment in. She told me that they havenít gotten a salt shipment in for almost a week. I informed her that she had some dead fish. She looked shocked and asked which tank to which I said there are a lot of dead ones all over the salt area. The girl said that it doesnít surprise her. I left with disgust.

    Is there any humane society for saltwater animals?

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    I notice that there is always dead fish in new shipments.
    keep in mind the distance traveled by these fish.
    Most of them are stress out, so there isn't anything one can do .Even the most experienced fish keeper will tell you mortality rate among importing fish is in the midrange percentage.You're bound to loose fisn no matter what.
    I work At the airport and I can tell you that some of the conditions most living objects are subjected to are gruesome.
    considering traveling conditions.
    my two cents.
    and by the way...........give them a break.

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    A few dead fish I could understand, or even this amount if it was just shipped in, but so many dead fish over a week after getting a shipment in and in the 'display' tank.... a break they don't deserve.
    I have lodged a complaint against Big Alís Aquarium Services London with the head office in Woodbridge. The people that I talked to there told me that there have been ďover two dozen complaints with this location over the past monthĒ and they were going to Ďdo somethingí about it. This probably means that there is going to be a memo but, enough complaints and they could lose the franchise rights.... LOL...

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    I have been to both these places and can tell you that they arenít very good. PetZone will get you in anything you want for a decent price but, donít buy their livestock that they have in stock. Aquarium Services are crapÖ and thatís being nice. They overcharge on drygoods and their livestock are sickly at best. They may look good but, come in a week later and they wonít be as healthy looking. I would NEVER buy from Aquarium ServicesÖ EVER. If you want saltwater livestock in London go to Strictly Salt (I get good deals from them) or somewhere elseÖ

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    Well, of the 8 Big Al's stores rated in the LFS search, 6 of them rate 1 star. There have been many ongoing threads about various Big Al's, as well as PetCetera, so I think those are proably the worst (BA's has a slight lead).

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    I have been in several Big Al's stores London, Kitchener, and all GTA ones and I have to agree the the London is terrible. The fish room manager has a lot to do with this as his knowledge is limited, at best. The store in kitchener I find is actually not too bad and as long as you deal with their FR manager you will get good info anyone else and you roll the dice.

    As for dry goods if you need a piece of air line then Big Al's is great, if you need anything else there are better people to deal with.

    My 2 cents.
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    In fairness, IJO doesn't sell everything (yet ) so there's some things I'm forced to go to another store for.

    Dumb things too. I went to 3 stores last night in ottawa looking for a simple veggie clip. One store told me I was nuts they're only for reptiles (and were out), another store had been out for 3 weeks no eta, and the last one never had them & doesn't plan on getting them.

    So it looks like I'll have to give in & head down to innes road to see what they might have...

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    All I'll say about Big Al's is that they were the ones that had set up aquariums outside of theatres showing Finding Nemo, in order to entice little kids to want a clownfish and a blue tang when they left the theatre. I remember seeing a TV spot with an owner of one of the stores talking about doing this, and the reasons behind it. Nuff said.
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    Why not go to Marinescape for it? Carling at Bayswater, by Dows lake.
    125G in wall
    2 x 250 hqi
    4 x 4' actinics
    tunze wavemaker & 6060
    2 x 1200 maxi's
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    ...just started of course

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    In all fairness, most pet stores especially large chain stores are run by highschool and other students, and aren't usually into the hobby to start.
    Thats why so many people think a pleco is the best and/or only fish to eat algae

    --> I went on a trip and stopped off at the big al's in mississauga....(spelling...) which i thought was really good, in comparison to the one in Ottawa, and Kanata. The one in london as said before would be of the smallest and prolly least interestingthat i've been to , Whitby's was nice too! but thus far the best i've been in is in OAKVILLE! Freaking Huge! Giant Shark tank and ENORMOUS salt display and ciclid display, it is in a tunnel you walk through to get to the main fish room.
    GET THIS, i didn't see any dead fish, the staff was Very friendly, and knowledgeable.
    this one is a MUST SEE ! ! !
    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

    Pics -->

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