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    Re: fish only tank , help *

    A good rule to go by is 1 inch of fish per 10 gallons and you shouldn't need a skimmer or additives.  I wouldn't skimp on the liverock though, it makes a great filter.  This is how I ran my fish only setup.  You have a lot less to worry about. hope this helps


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    Re: fish only tank , help  

     Mark, you should also consider a DSB ( deep sand bed). It is an expensive to set up option but it's effects are hard to passup. Eventually if you do get the reef bug you have a great base to build on. You need lighting to support denitrifying bacteria.
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    Re: fish only tank , help *

    Don't skimp on the live rock. It not only provides a good source of biological filtering, it also acts as physical refuge for fish to hide. This reduces stress level a great deal.

    You can start off without a skimmer. But believe me, you'll eventually want one as the stuff that grows on the live rock is so interesting that you'll want better water quality to keep them alive. A skimmer helps on that regard. If you see how awful the stuff a skimmer pulls out each day you won't want to live without one.

    As to the little critters found on good quality live rock, I've found a bunch of sponges, some soft polyps, a whole bunch of worms, and even a small brittle star.

    What kind of fish do you want to keep?
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    Re: fish only tank , help *

    Even on a fish only sytem, I would consider a skimmer. *you can get away with a cheap one but it's worth the investment. *You WILL get the reef bug one day. *I did.
    Use lots of Live Rock, Good sand bed 4" +, and do the water changes. Good Luck
    For supplements, just add a little calcium, iodine,and strontium only to get the nice purple,green, and pink corraline algaes growing.  Not necessary but just my thought.  
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