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    How often do you check

    Just creating this post to get a rough idea how often people check their water perameters. I'll be honest here...I check mine MAYBE every two months. Now mind's a very established tank. I use my corals health and appearance more as an indicator. I also watch coral growth, and the number of pods etc. I have found that these are the best indicators. When something doesn't look right, I'll then use the tet kits. Like I said, this is a very established tank but I was wondering what others do....

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    you might want to post a poll on this.
    i check my water parameters whenever my wife is out doing her hair or something (i.e not on a set schedule). It's a new tank, so i check a little more often than most just till i get a feel as to how much i should be dosing all my additives on a regular basis. I would say i test every 2 weeks or so. mainly for calcium and magnesium rates. also for phosphates (if i notice algae). (iodide test kits dont give me an accurate reading, i wish i found a good kit i can rely on - i'm using the lamotte iodide, salifert for everything else)
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    Once a week. But I'm anal

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    On when the starpolyps are sad do i run any tests... and even then I usually wait a day or 2.


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    Depends on the parameters. If I am trying to "fix" something I may test everyday til what ever it was is stabilized where I want it. If everything is where I want it , every 3 weeks or so. Except in the summer when it gets totally neglected.:-(
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    I'm like you mouse.

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    I've got a ph meter that check about twice a day when I walk by the tank, other than that I haven't dusted off a test kit in months. I should take a minute when i get home in hte morning.

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