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    peppermint shrimp

    ive had one peppermint shrimp for a while now and i am thiniing about getting another. will they fight since he been around for a while.he also has his own little spot in my tank.

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    get a pair of cleaner shrimp instead, they will clean your fish

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    What's the difference neotekz between a peppermint and a cleaner?
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    To answer your origional question, no they will not fight. Peppermint shrimp do better in groups. Some people on Reef Central will have up to 6 in a good size tank. Try to get one of similar size. I am not sure if that matters, however, it seems to be a good rule of thumb.
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    I heard that they eat Aptasias. Any know?
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    Peppermint shrimp will eat aiptasia. Unfortunately, once they run out of aiptasia, they will also eat softies. Hammer, Frogspawn, Green Star Polyps, etc. It is one of those "luck of the draw" issues. You might get some that never touch coral, or you might get some that prefer coral and leave the aiptasia alone.
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    I've had 6 ot 8 pep shrimp and none of them ever touched any of those corals, have you seen that in your own experience ? I've kept them for years and never had a problem
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    If I got one and he start to touch my to the toilet!!!LOL JK!!
    Mike Philpott

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    Here is another question to add: Do pepermint shrimp get along with cleaner shrimp? Or will one prevail? I add this question to the discussion because i'm at whits end with aptasias and trying to get them out with tweezers!
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    I put in a few pepermint shrimp (3 to be exact) into my tank to deal with an aptasia issue. They ate all the aptasia, and since then they focused on the frogspan for a while. Moved onto the sun polyps (completely ate them) and now have shown interest in the candy cane.

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