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    I'm wanting to purchase a sump/refuge for my 60g Hex tank. Idea is that it will hold all the heaters,probes, protien skimmer ect there as well as doing the filteration. I have looked at alot of the descriptions of different types, brands, prices, but would like to get some feed-back fron yourselfs that have had positive products so far. Also the size that I will need for a pump for medium to high flow rate in the aquarium. Two options for the placement of the sump would be in the cabinet for a 5 foot of head, and the other is just under the floor in the basement for 7 foot of head. Thinking the basement as I can use the cooler room temperature for the cooling of the water.
    Any feed -back would be helpfull.

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    just get a new tank and put in some baffles and use that as your sump. the one that i saw at bigals was almost $300 and had a bunch of stuff that u don;t really need.

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    Buying ready made can be very expensive, and you don't always get what you need. Making your own out of acrylic can also be very expensive as I just found out.

    I was just in Toronto last week, and stopped in to Aquarium Services on Dundas, and they are selling off all their tanks for $1 a gallon. I bought one, and in August when they actually tear down their tanks, they will ship it to me at the Ottawa store on Innes for free. Then I will just have glass cut to my exact specifications and silicone the pieces in. Much cheaper and exactly what I want. Just make sure you know the size of space you have for the sump, and the size of heaters and skimmer you want to place in there. The larger you can get, the better off you will be.

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