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    lowering salinity

    i just got my refractometer from ivan yesterday and tested my water. i was using a red sea hydrometer and a instant ocean. the red sea was off by almost 5 points but my instant oceans was only off by 1or 2 points. my salinity was at 1.028 now i need to lower it a few points. does 0.001 point per day sound good enough not to stress everything out too much?

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    Sounds good too me. Since I don't have an auto top off on my nano my salinity will vary 1 point per day and everything is fine.

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    Make sure you calibrate the refractometer before making any adjustments.

    Mine was within .001 when I got it, but, yours could be off. To calibrate, simply test some nice clean water. Tap water is good enough, but, if you have RO/DI distilled, all the better.

    The other thing to be sure of is temperature. The refractometers can have an error if the temperature of the unit is significantly different from the tank temperature.

    Aiming for an adjustment of .001 per day or two (or three) is a reasonable rate. Unless you find everything is suffering now, don't adjust too quickly.
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