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    Your "1" Favorite Full Tank Shot!

    Alright Boys and Girls..

    Like the title says.. Lets see your ONE Favorite full tank shot of each of your tanks!!!!

    90 Gallon Reef Tank

    135 Gallon Fish \ Softy Tank


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    Gee's I got to get my lights working first!! what a time for this to come up. I'm resurecting this thread when I get my lights working again!!!LOLOL
    Mike Philpott

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    120 want a bee reef

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    Three month old 180:

    My 7 year old 33 gallon tank, now dismantled:

    Jason Nugent
    ReefCentral Admin

    180 gallon Oceanic with Lifereef Sump, 33 gallon with VHO, 20 gallon frag tank with MH

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    Nice idea for a thread. But before I can post, can anyone tell me how to keep the pictures as large as the ones that are posted. Evrytime I try to post something, I keep getting a message saying the file is too big. 50K I beleive is the largest you can post. To get the file size that small, I have to reduce the size of the picture. Do you save it at a really low picture quality????

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    Host your pics at, they let you save pics up tu 250k.

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    My full 180

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    Best pic I could get, time for a new camera

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