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    How do you keep your blennies in your tanks?

    I got a blenny about 10 months ago, and he was a great fish. About a month after I got him however, I came home from work and found him on the kitchen floor, near the fridge.. I put him back in the tank (yes he was still alive!) and had a cover made out of acrylic.

    Then a few months ago, I went to feed the fish and noticed he was missing in action. I quickly checked the floor around the tank. He was nowhere to be found... until I looked in my PRIZM skimmer. There he was, in the chamber staring up at me.

    Today however my boyfriend found him under a book shelf... needless to say he didn't go back in the tank. it was a little bit too late ... So, to summarize, what I would like to know is how can you keep a blenny in a tank? Is this just a characteristic of all blennies or was mine just "lucky"?
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    I've had my blenny for about a year and he's never jumped out of the tank.
    I did have a Royal Gramma jump out though when I first got him, he didn't survive.
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    I have had mine for quite awhile as well with no problem.

    I feel for you, I really enjoy mine!

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    Sorry to hear about your blenny. The are interesting fish to watch. Mine has been in my tank for well over 2 years. The little bugger used to BITE me each time I put my hand in my tank. He does it less now.
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    Perhaps it's just your particular blenny... or perhpas the other tankmates are scaring him off? I have a lawnmower and a bi-color blenny for about 4 months so far so good.
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    i have a bi-color that jumped out a few weeks ago when i accidently left the lid open. i found him the next day in a bucket of saltwater that was on the floor next to the tank. he was lucky the bucket just happened to be there.

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    MY dojo loach went carpet swimming a week ago or so. Lucky my daughter happened to be here and sleeping on the floor so he landed on her and she swept him up and put him back in.
    I keep the top closed now at night. I guess he rose up for a gulp of air and used a bit too much speed. I've had them both for nearly a year and its never happened before. Lucky she was there.
    I'd like a blenny too. I notice at my LFS they will come right to the top of the tank. I'd lower the water level a tad and/or keep a well fitting top on. Look to see if anything is harrasing him. Not much else to do.
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    Mine swims up and done the tank (doing s's) fast. One night my husband came running into the room saying the blenny had jumped out of the tank the only reason he survived was the dog went over to see what he was.

    I bought a piece of cheapo fluorescent cover (you know in an office over the lights in the ceiling) cut it the lenght of my tank and about 3.5" wide. The picky side of the cover faces out of the tank and if he swims up and hits it he'll just get a headache.

    Since it lays flat you can't see it sitting there unless you walk up to the tank and I just used duct tape to keep it down at either end.

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    There are a couple of ways to keep fish from jumping.

    One is to use "eggcrate", also known as flourescent light diffuser. It's basically a plastic white grid used to diffuse lighting in office spaces. It can conveniently be cut to size quite easily.

    However, many people with MH lighting don't want to diffuse their light. So another option, is to make a small frame that sits on top of your aquarium, and weave a grid onto it using fishing line.

    People with tall canopies that have open backs can use "gutterguard" along the whole back of the canopy. This is a plastic / fiberglass mesh that still allows air circulation.

    One or a combination of the above will keep your fish IN your tank.
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    Heh my blenny will bite me too. I also have a bicolor who think's he owns the tank.

    The only time my blenny jumped is when i was releveling. I put him in a bucket and he wouldn't stop jumping out. They can really fly when they wanna.

    As to the solution to your problem OP tang man hit it on the head
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