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    Talking Lessons Learned With Sps Corals

    one of the things that I thought I had control over was placement of SPS corals. I gave them a good 6'' [some less] apart to grow. well,, let me tell ya!!! under good conditions SPS can grow at astounding speeds!!! I've recently had to move 3 colinies as they grew so fast they were touching and stinging each other. while some SPS can handle this and will just stop growing were they touch, others [most] do not like this and will die in that area leaving algea a place to start [not good] believe it or not my 500g is almost at its max if I think of the BIG picture of letting these corals really grow and spread.This is exactly what I will do as I find it way more appealing and natural looking. I used to have the back of the tank painted as I didn't want to clean so much glass but now I opened it up so I could sqeeze in a few more corals in the back and actually I love the look. theres less light back there so LPS and softies will prevail.

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    Any pics to see? Sounds great!
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    Buying a camera shortly.

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    Sounds like everythings working out for you as far as sps are concerned. If you have any frags you want to get rid of, let me know as I now have a proper setup to grow them.

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    Well, clearly you need to reduce the quality of your water. I'd turn off your skimmer and let the nitrate rise to a nice steady 10-15 (not high, but, enough to keep those pesky corals in check). Then, I would simply stop with the calcium. Let it drop back to 300-350. This too will slow them down.

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    CRES. LOL funny thing is that my CAL. is always at 300 to 350 and my ALK at 7.
    It must be because they just keeping using up what I throw in. I top off with heavy KALK and use TURBO CALCIUM and REEF BUILDER. I'm in dire need of a reactor

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    Corals (SPS) will still grow very well at lower ca levels as long as yoou keep replenishing whats being consumed and are maintaining 300 to 350. Cant wait to see those pics!

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