Isn't that alway the case I have a 45 gal now and am looking to possibly upgrade to a 120 gal tank.. Currently in the living room and I loooove it there as I can watch my fishies and might go with a 90 gal (4 feet is al I can go there because of room).... My question is this.... With a 90 gal for example would I be able to house (corals) all softies and some LPS corals? Lighting will be either t5's, VHO's or pc's as I dont have much room above the tank for halides.

Also I have about 50 lbs of live rock in my tank right now, if I bought another 20 pounds would I be ok with putting in 20 pounds of base rock?

Only problem I forsee is if I have the tank in the living room (90gal) then I have to switch over right away inhabitants as the new tank would go in the same spot if I put upstairs in the kitchen/diningroom area then I can slowly work at it as its in a different location... decisions decisions

Thanks for the input.