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Thread: UPS shipping

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    UPS shipping

    just wondering if anyone has had something shipped using UPS from the states to Ontario, Canada. I've always had products shipped FexEx, but this place I want to order from only ships UPS and wondering if there have been any problems with them..

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    No problems except they are a rip off....cant you get will cost you way cheaper..

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    international ups ground charges brokerage fees of about $50 if the declared value is over $20. if you ship ups express there are no brokerage fees.

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    Last time I bought something in the States and it was shipped UPS, by the time they added their broker fee, it would have been much cheaper to buy it in Canda.
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    k,,thats the feedback I thought I had heard before...

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    And also UPS tracking system sucks. The info is only updated every 1-2 days. FedEx on the other hand, is up-to-date within 1/2 hour.
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    I've ranted enough against UPS. I'll drive down & pick it up myself before using UPS, since that's about what their "delivery" amounts to anyway.
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