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    pH drop at night , drastic ?

    Well this aqua controller is truly a great thing, it appears that my pH drops from 8.35 to 7.98 every night, what should i do about this, my alk is around 11 and i've been thinking of a reverse photo period but i'm not sure this would be a good option for me
    50 Gal SPS/LPS Mixed Reef
    25 Gal Fuge
    Neptune Aquacontroller
    Pro Cal Calcium Reactor
    Acrylic City Kalk Reactor
    Euroreef CS6-3 Skimmer
    2x175W MH 1x250W MH 2x65W Actinics

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    That isn't real bad. Mine goes from 8.6 to 8.4 at night. Try leaving your fans running all night. Sometimes CO2 buildup overnight can be the cause.

    An RDP fuge is always a good idea. It will reduce the swing and, more significantly, increase the oxygen levels at night. Oxygen levels do tend to get very low at night.

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