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    Question The SPS bug strikes again...

    Ok, so Iíve been bitten by the SPS bug. I got my first monti frag a few days ago and now I canít stop thinking and planning out my new SPS collection to be. I only have T5HO lighting (1-10k and 1-03) on my 33g tank so Iím not sure what all I can keep. I've been told that T5HO's are good enough for anything (they sure as hell look bright enough) I could put in my mini reef. Any suggestions on the SPS's I could be looking at in the future?

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    a colony of different colored acorpora or a gorgonian?
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    Montipora Digitata.

    They are bulletproof and don't deman very much light. Good first SPS choice.

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    Thanks for the idea Bvoss. I've got a Montipora Samarensis frag, at least that's what the skeletal drawings make it out to be (can I tell another way?). I'm thinking of another different monti colour so, a Montipora Digitata would not only give me a different colour but a different SPS (well kind of) too.

    Is acropora all that hard to keep, and will they do good in my tank (thanks for the idea Swimfins I like how there are so many different colours)? It seems everyone has them.

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