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    Question Eurobracing &overflows

    For those who know I'm working on a big tank and I have a question? with 3" eurobracing does it not cover the top of your overflows? How can you get access to the boxes to say, pull out something that is stuck in there or just general maintenance.Seems that it would be a tight fit to get your hand under the bracing and into the box.

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    I've also always been curious about that and yes it does cover the overflows in some pics I've seen. I too have am confused on what to do about this!!!

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    I've noticed that on Acylic tanks with EURO they have a cutout above the overflow. Just not an option with glass. I'm going to post on RC about this and I had Mitch from IA on the phone yesterday so I should have asked him! I will be building my tank after all greg. It just won't go down the stairs and I would have to sacrifice 6 inches of depth[no way]. Now the only thing is that IA will send me the dismantled kit but I have to see if it is cheaper than just getting it locally. He uses 3/4" glass+tempered bottom+1" STARPHIRE. that is heavy duty glass I tell ya! I've been told by 3 glass com,with tank builders that 1/2" tempered is almost bullet proof. Thats what they use in cars. It also would have less green tint to to thickness so I wouldn't have to pay the extra bucks for STARPHIRE. Ivan said he could definatly see the diff, on his 90g tanks compared to regular float glass. So much to think about eh!
    I wonder if I could just get the one side panel 1" shorter,add eggcrate as the teeth and then build the box on the outside?
    would save a ton of hassle.[I'm going with front and back viewing] what are you doing for flow? still going with TUNZE?

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