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    killer yellow wrasse?

    So my 2 cleaner shrimp MIA within a week (no body, just vanished). I've had both for over a year and a half. No signs of trouble whatsoever. Everyone else continuing on as if nothing happened. Is that just a coincidence?

    At the same time, I just noticed my yellow wrasse developing those green lines on its face. I understand that means it's turning into an adult male, right?

    Do you think the yellow wrasse, who was there before the shrimps, thinks that because he's got the green lines on his face now that he needs to be a tough guy and flex some muscle? Is it common behaviouir from yellow wrasse to kill shrimps?


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    this is very possible and I'm watching mine closly right now as well. I've had a hermit here and there lieing half eating on the sand bed. My cleaner shrimpmis very small but so far he is still alive.

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    Good news Johhny about the cleaner shrimp still being amongst the living, I remembered that you were not sure if your wrasse was going to eat him.:yum:
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    I've got a yellow wrasse, 2 cleaners and a coral banded. not a problem with any of them. the shrimp and wrasse are often within an inch of each other the shrimp try to jump on but the wrasse swims just out of reach. there has never been any aggression from the wrasse.

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    These fish come with a "with caution" to a reef, I always wanted one but didn't want to lose other critters in the process.

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    im not exactly sure of the life span of cleaner shrimp, although i asume it is some where in the 2-3 year range. i also just lost 2 cleaners that were just under 3 years old (when i bought them they were very small). i have spoken to many other peeps that also confirmed that they seem to lose their cleaners just before the 3 year mark. im pretty sure that there was no other reason for the shrimp dying, as i have another cleaner and fire shrimp that are about a year old that are still alive and doing well.

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