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    help my stuffed tank any advice

    I started 2 yrs ago with a 2 g for 3 months then had 10 g for 4 months then a 30 g for 8 now I have a 50 gallon for the past 5 months with 220 watts pc's blue and white and 2 - blue 40 watt "NO's" 40 lbs live rock 1/3rd filled my corals are 100 medium polyps 50 zoos 20 recodia 20 discoma's 4 hairy shrooms 20 other fuzzy shrooms saucer size meat coral blue ridge montipora degitata small frogspawn small devil's claw small sinularia tree 10 polyp candycane small favia brain cabbage leather 2 hawian dust feathers grape algae large handful micro algae 5 large 5 small antasia 3 inch hippo tank 2 inch blue yellow tail demsel gold stripped maroon clown 2 inch 6 line wrasse 4 inch algea blenny 4 inch harbour goby 3 inch tiger pistal shrimp small tennis ball size texedo sea urchin 1 brownish red medium 2 tiny white serpent stars 1 astro snail 1 blue legged hermit crab small black emerald crab med blood shrimp brittle worms copepods amplipods 40 small dust feathers 4 inch sand & crushed coral bed I use strontium,iodine,liquid calcium, buffer ph 8.5 cal 600ppm 3rd test not sure of correctness does this sond right brand nutrifin sal 1.025 temp 81 degrees lights 11hrs nitrate good 5 gal water change every 1.5 to 2 weeks baseball size carbon left in changed every 2 weeks no sponges 2 20 gallon normal filters jebo 180 protein skimmer 2 med 1 small power heads 100 watt submersible heater I want to Know what and if I can add i'm interested in a small yellow tang 4 small xenias 50 + zoo's and 40+ recordias i'm adding a 20 gallon hang on refugium/sump should I go bigger what and how many other stuff should I have in tank snails crabs etc will my tank last a year before going bigger


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    You're calcium is 600ppm? that's really high.

    A hippo tang does not belong in a 50 gallon, but i'm pretty sure that the tang police will be on you pretty soon about that one. I dont think you should add anymore fish, seems like you're pretty decently stocked...although some may disagree. Let's here what others have to say.

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    not really sure ''what'' your asking for?? what help do you need?? if you want to go bigger then go for it. if your tank is running fine then theres no reason it shouldn't last a year.
    those 2 fish [tang and maroon] are to big [they grow!] for that tank.

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    I agree with Johnny about the 2 fish, and adding a yellow tang in there is a bad Idea. I had a small 3" hippo in a 50g for a short while then I upgraded to a 120.

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    Well if you want to make more space in your tank for the tang. I'll take some of those corals off your hands.

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    Man you must be the most patient man I ever seen. Jumping from 10 to 50 in all those steps? It must be hell everytime you make a change. Sorry if I'm no help for now but I would strongly suggest you to go at least 75g and settle there for a while. Equipment is not cheap and you want to make sure you don't spend for nothing. Good luck
    If your gonna do it, do it right the first time.

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