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Thread: Moordish Idol

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    Moordish Idol

    Anyone housing one of these fish in their reef tanks ? Just want to get an opinion how they fair in reef tanks as I've heard through the grapevine they are not good with zoos? Is this accurate?

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    Well, they are a difficult fish to keep. A snipit from LiveAquaria (which tends to be very liberal about fish requirements) reads as follows:

    "The Moorish Idol tends to be very peaceful. Due to its size, schooling nature, and need for swimming space, it requires a large aquarium of at least 125 gallons. As its beauty is most evident while swimming, giving it adequate room is well rewarded. It is compatible with most fish and larger invertebrates, but should not be kept with any polyps or corals, which it will eat. Small invertebrates may be threatened as well.
    The Moorish Idol is a very difficult fish to feed. Live rock with large amounts of algae and sponges on which it can feed will help it acclimate. Then offer a varied diet of finely chopped meaty items, mysid shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, Spirulina, and algae. It should be fed several times a day.
    Perhaps the most graceful of all marine fish, for many hobbyists, it is also one of the most difficult fish to keep because it is so difficult to feed. For all but the most expert hobbyist, it is better admired in the ocean or in a public aquarium rather than in a home tank."

    All in all, larger tank is needed, no polyps of any kind, finding a juvie, and a lot of hoping.

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    Sara sums it up well. Theres also a thread about keeping Moorish idols on RC called the Moorish Idol thread. Check it out as some people there discuss keeping these fish and what theyve learned.

    From what Ive read they arent reef safe though people on that thread say they dont seem too interested in SPS.

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    Unless you consider yourself to be an advanced marine aquarium keeper I would avoid this fellow. He/she will be costly and not life long without extensive experience and even then it is a roll of the dice.

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    yes, I would definitely stay away in my opinion. The more we buy that poor fish, keeps it in demand, and keeps them taking them from the wild.....only to die in our tanks.

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    Agreed thank you for the advice everyone

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    Moorish idols belong in the sea. In my opinon it's one of those fish we should leave alone until we figure out how to keep them more succesfully.

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    They grow big in the wild. I've seen some with a 25 cm diameter body (that's without inlcuding the tall dorsal fin!) while snorkeling in Hawaii.
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    I have one!
    Fantastic Fish
    He's in with a lion fish, snowflake eel, colored angler, and hippo tang.
    He's in a predator tank but he eats alot of algae. i have a few small mushrooms in there and he leaves them alone. can't say so much for other corals.

    I've heard it all, ("Keep it in the ocean" which i think is stupid because he going to go home with someone, might as well be me)

    from what iv've heard they are a very tempramental fish. before purchase check the top fin, it should have a Very long tail, if it doesn't bells in your head should be going off. ("ammonia burn")

    Got mine at LPS for a good price, I know them well and trust them. its reccomended that you make sure they are eating before you buy, once they stop it doesn't look good. So i saw him eat and i took him home. For the first few days he refused to eat nothig but frozen brine shrimp. i started to add flakes, krill, and other mix with the brine and now he eats anything I put in there. Out of my hand!!!

    He's best friends with my Hippo tang they swim and sleep together. totally amusing!

    To be honest i think i got really lucky with my fish. but there are more and more reports that say people are successfully keeping them.
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