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Thread: Tank temps ??

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    Tank temps ??

    I'm just wondering with this hot weather we are having what everyone tank temps are curently... I checked mine and its at 81... I usually keep it at 79 so I'm wondering if this will effect my corals what should I do to keep it down a bit.. If everyones tank is around the same and my corals will be fine then all is good

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    You could always shorten you halide period to keep it cooler.

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    The average temperature of the reefs we get our corals from is 83.7 degrees so 81 will not affect your corals at all
    Mine ranges from 79 to 82 and all corals sps, lps and softy grow very fast and are very healthy
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    I have been strugling with my tank temps all summer long. I have a 35 gallon with a 35 gallon sump. my tank hit 85 this summer. im using fans to keep it at around 82. no sign of any trouble to date.
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    OK good to know thats everyone I dont have halides only PC's for not till I upgrade my tank but with this heat we are having I noticed a few degrees higher from 79 - 81 good to know this should effect anything.

    Cheers !!

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    My tank use to range arround 79 to 83 and I have to use a fan too. The only problem is that I have to check my water level more often.
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