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    Would need an ID for a big snail.

    I bought some live rocks at the local store and found 2 of these snails on some pieces of live rock.

    Has i am not sure if they are reef friendly, I put them in my sump for now.

    Can someone ID them for me please, I looked on the internet but cant find 'big spiky snail that looks like a conch'


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    looks like a small conch shell?

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    Yes it looks like a conch snail...
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    Try and get a clear photo of the snail's opening and post to Dr Ron on RC. He needs clear shots from many angles, but is great at id's. I had a "conch" that turned out to be a whelk with a taste for nassarius snails.

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    I dont think it's a conch because it doesnt have the eyes sticking out and the 'trunk' like my smaller ones. It also seems to favor being on the glass more than on the bottom.

    Thanks for the replies

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    Spiny Astraea maybe?
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    Take another pic of it flipped over, that should help.

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