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Thread: Float Valve

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    Float Valve

    I use tap water in my tank. For water changes, I let the mixture sit wit a small power head in it for at least a day. For top-offs, I just have tap water which has sat for at least a day.
    I was going to run a small water line from my laundry room, which is next to my tank room. 1/4", exactly like used for an ice maker in your fridge, they have shut off where it taps into pipe. Then just have some kind of on/off valve at the end next to tank. This way I can add a little every day.
    I just saw a Kent Marine Float Valve at Marine Depot. Says its ok with city water pressure. I thought I could drill a hole ot top of tank for it and put the water line into it. Being such a small quantity of water being added slowly, I don't think it, the water, not sitting out matters.
    Is this something poeple do, it doesn't say exactly what they sell this float valve for.

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    If you're using just tap water you can acually use a toilet flush box float valve assembly. They arn't very expensive.. and it's easy to do (all standard plumbing stuff) I was going to do the same thing, but then I bought an RO/Di unit..

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