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Thread: snail lifespan

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    snail lifespan

    I have had my snails in the tank for a few months and I am starting to notice some die off. I have probably had 5-6 snails die in the past mos. Is this normal? What is snail lifespan? I have noticed it on turbos, margarita snails. Just wondering if I should be allarmed. Everything else seems, hermits. Water parims good. Hair algae still a problem.



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    Well recently there was a lengthly article on snails at RC. In the article it states that most snails, turbos, margaritas, astreas etc are not made for the constant high temperature that we have our tanks at. They can handle it for a short time, but not extended periods. As a point of reference, the astreas that come from Florida have water temperatures ranging from 50 degrees F in the winter to about mid 70s during the summer, so having a tank at 80ish all year round wears them out.

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    high temps wear everything out, increased respiration
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    Ive heard there is more oxygen in colder water...

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    so do you all experiance this? It is fairly normal to have to replenish the snail population at intervals?
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    My nano tank is 14 months old and still has the original 3 cerith snails & it's original astrea.

    I'm guessing that puts them at least 18 month old animals since it'd would have taken some time to grow to the size they were when I bought them.

    The nano tank ranges from 80 - 82 F between night time & full lighting temps.

    I have reciently noticed the astrea is acting weirdly and has gotten "caught" out of the water twice now. Perhaps he's starting to go senile...

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    I have a few "bumblebee snails" (they aren't really snails) that are 7 years old, heh.

    My cerith snails reguarily lay eggs on my glass, and they do hatch and I always end up with way more snails than I can handle.

    In addition to the comments above, keep in mind that a lot of snails, including some varieties of astrea snails, are intertidal. They'll leave the water on a regular basis because thats how they live in nature.
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    My ceriths are still origional as well Bought 3 for my tank since I mixed up my cleaning crew and still have the same 3 from about 14 months ago as well and my tank temps are at 80-81.

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