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    Live sand question...

    In my current 45 gal I started the tank off with carib live sand 2 bags (40 pounds) which gave me my 1.5-2" sand bed. link attached of what I have

    Anyways.... I will buy 4 bags for my new 95 gal tank but was wondering if I have to add any of my new sand in my established tank dont really need to activate it but I'm guessing that might add some worms and so on that I have in my current tank... The reason I'm not adding all the sand from my current tank is because I will have both tanks going side x side till the 95 if fully cycled and ready for my fish and corals and I dont want to disturb the sand bed too much because of Nitrite, nitrate and amonia problems..

    What do you all think??

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    It wouldn't hurt to seed the new sand bed with some mature sand, but, be careful not to churn the "old" bed too much or you could cause a spike in the old tank by releasing stored nutrients in the sandbed.

    If you really wanted to use the old sand, you would want to pull it out of the old tank (last, after draining most of the water first) and rince it well.
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    If you've got something to seed the sand, I don't know that I'd spend the money to get the live sand again.

    Good live rock + some sand from your running tank & you'll be in business in no time.

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    I'm not buying the sand from JL so for the price that I'm getting if for it wouldn't be that much cheaper to buy regular sand and seed it myself. It worked well with the old tank and I'm crossing my fingers for the new one

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