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    Zoanthids are they toxic?

    Here is a little info I found on reef central

    Zoanthids are they toxic? I have to say YES! Yesterday I was getting ready for the Ohio frag swap. I was working over a rubbermade tub and my dog was sitting next to me as she always did. I got up to get some more gumbands to close the bags and when I returned she had her head in the tub. I thought nothing about it. Dogs always stick their heads in things. 12:30

    I went to the frag swap and was having a really good time. An I got a call on my cell phone. My wife called to tell me that the dog was sick. 2:00

    I hung around for a bit after I talked to my wife. Dogs get sick all of the time (right)?

    She called again told me to come home. 3:00

    I came home and the dog greeted me at the door but she was very lethargic. My wife told me to take the dog to the vet. 4:30

    I took her to the vet. At this point I had to carry her from my truck. I talked to the vet and I had no idea of what could be the problem. He ran some tests on her blood and from the tests he said that it looked like she had ingested some sort of toxin. A bell went off in my head!! She had her head in my tub.

    I got on my cell and had a friend do some searches about Zoanthids. We found Zoanthids carry one of the most powerful toxins in the world. The toxin is called Palytoxin. I read the symptoms and wow a direct match. Did a search for a cure only to find out that there is no antitoxin.

    My dog passed away at 12:15am.

    I normaly would not post any thing like this or make a post this long but I wanted everyone to know that Zoanthids are very toxic. Watch when your children and pets around your tanks. I am including a list of links to the research that we did last night. I knew that there are Zoanthids were toxic but not to this level.<br />

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    Re: Zoanthids are they toxic?

    Very scary stuff. You assume stuff in your tank is safe. I knew that some of the sea slugs and lionfish are poisonous but who would suspect button polyps? I must now resist the urge to lick my hands after aquarium maintenance.
    True Perc

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