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    CSS owners I need advice..

    OK I just picked up my 95 gal tank and have encountered a bit of a snag.... I currently have a Prizm Pro skimmer (on the 45 it was fine) but need to upgrade for multiple reasons.. one being there is a 2 1/2 inch lip around the whole top of the tank going down about 3 inches and 2- the prism wont fit not 3 - it will be underskimmed if I use it the current prizm delux.

    As a HOB will the 220 ccs be able to reach accross the lip of this tank (euro bracing) ??

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    1 inch and an 8th ...... can ya cut some out or throw it in yer sump... can hang off yer sump also

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    I'm debating on 2 things then ...
    1- getting some of the glass clut down by 1 1/2 inch
    2- getting a custom overflow box (external) that will be able to go over this bracing and then do a sump set up...

    Decisions decisions ...

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    You can easily modify the CSS as it uses 1" slip tubing.
    Check out ReefCentral, there's a Rather lengthy thread regarding the CSS and the mods you can do to it.
    Excellent skimmer for the price!
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    Im prety sure I saw on the threads that Tang man is talking about(on RC) that you can mod the skimmer and extend the pipes a few inches to make it work. The thread is WAY too long but if you look through it you can see the mod.

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    I'd go the sump route if I were you.

    Aside from the variety of good reasons to use a sump, the pump on the CSS is a ittle big to hang in a tank. Plus, you will have to add the bubble trap (also big-ish) or live with a steady stream of bubbles (inevitable from having water pour into your tank).
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    I guess you can just put the CSS on a small stand behind the tank (rather than hanging on the tank), and extend both the intake/output tubings. And yeah all the tubing fitting are slip-fit on the CSS, so you just need to find the correct diameter tubing and you can easily extend it.
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    Boyohboy - I thought the bubble trap and the pump had to sit in the tank to pull the water and defuse all the bubbles going back into the tank ?

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    yes they do have to be in the tank but if u have the skimmer on a stand the pump and bubble trap won;t fit properly in the tank u will have to make the tubing on both of them longer horizontally

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