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    Raissing Calcium 120ppm

    My calcium is low cause i was out of town for a couple weeks and no calcium was added so i wanna know if theres a safe way of raissing it and how fast can i raise it without damaging anything. Its now at 300ppm and i wanna bring it to at least 420ppm. I use Tropic Marin bio-cal

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    I don't use Tropic Marin Biocal calcium so I can't help there but, I'd keep an eye on your dkh too. An easy way to get things back on track is to do a big water change. If you're staying on the Ca route than I never raise the Ca lvls by more than 40(ish)ppm/day and even that's pushing it for me. If things are really messed, ca ph and alk, I'd do the big water change and fine tune it from there.

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    Here is a cute little program from Seachem specifically to raise/adjust water parrameters.I dont use the Bio Cal but if the amounts to be added are simular to Seachem it may be good.

    Reef Dosage Calculator


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