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    Skimmer choices ...

    If everyone here had the choice between the ASM G2 skimmer (aprox $350.00 taxes in) or the Coralife CCS 3004 (220 gal) skimmer (aprox $250.00 taxes in) which would everyone choose ??? I 'm looking for a new skimmer for my upgraded 95 gal tank... Will be moderatly - heavily stocked with fish and corals (mix of SPS LSP and softies).

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    I hear good things about the Coralife which I will be buying when the next upgrade happens. You might want to check RC out for some threads about both or ever on here, someone just installed one recently.

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    It looks like you dont have a sump, in that case your limited to the CSS 3004. It can hang on your tank, the ASM cant. It would still be interesting to see the 2 compared. I should be getting my CSS 3004 any day

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    I have the CSS 3004.
    I am happy with it.
    But, I cannot compare it to any other similar capacity skimmer. I can tell you it is WAY better than the SeaClone or CPR BackPak, but, that isn't a useful observation. ;-)
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    ASM skimmers are in-sump only models. As reefsurfer already mentioned, without a sump, you're limited to the CSS skimmer, which is by no means a bad skimmer.
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    On my 95 I will have a 30 gal sump 24x17x16 (custom made) SO either one would go into my sump... I've heard good things about both people that own CSS skimmer say CSS people that own ASM say there is about a 100.00 difference between the 2 so I'm not sure which one to go with but I do want the best one out of the 2.... Call me greedy :happy2:

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    I don't think you're being greedy I think you're being sensible.

    My skimmer broke down recently and I got *cyano* I'm not sure it if was my gph (new pump) or the skimmer.

    With buying a new vehicle, having to do repairs on another, school and another few very expensive things that have come up, buying a new skimmer &/or pump (more gph) simply pissed me off and more so nearly impossible with the prices of skimmers I was expecting to pay.

    Especially when the dreaded red curse popped up, I am still on the fence about trying a new skimmer to see if it will help or just selling the system because I'm tired of pumping money into it.

    Right now I don't really have tons of cash to buy a skimmer with and this Coralife one would be the best option if it works.

    Cres do you / did you have to play with it a lot to get it to bubble properly? Any complaints at all?

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