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    Condylactus Anemone Dissapeared?..

    As I posted before... I had a condy... he kept moving around, climbing the top of the glass, rocks, powerheads ect. It was impossible for him to get into the skimmer/pheads as I have protectors on them.. so he didn't sneak in there.. and I've recently tore the rocks all apart, and didn't see him at all....
    I was getting annoyed with him and his constant relocating... and not so sad he's gone.. but still curious.
    Wonder where he went? anyone have a similar situation?

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    maybe the sand bed.

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    If it died hermits will eat the remains quite quickly. My advice, don't buy another one. I have seen Sebae Anenomes at the Village Pet Centre in Saint John. They, like your condy, are almost always bleached, however, the Sebae will at least host a clownfish. They also like to attach their foot in the bottom of your tank so you don't have to worry about it wondering around. If buying from that store makes you uneasy, and it probably does, see if Ivan has any.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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