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    Unhappy Sad News, Brown Jelly

    In 2 days its killed 5 heads of a torch coral and started on a digitata and looks like my blue milli will be dead by morning! I'll frag whats left and pray. upon research it doesn't look good.
    [insert many swear words!]

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    I have had many bad experiences with brown jelly. Basically once it hits a corals that coral is finished! I have tried fragging, and dipping, nothing seems to help. From what I have read nobody seems to know what causes it other than stress.
    Hopefully it stays conatined to those three corals.

    Best of luck Colby

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    what's a brown jelly??

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    hello johnny R.
    I did some research on Brown Jelly....
    and the solution it gave me was to siphon as much of the jelly you can with a turkey baster.
    Remove coral from tank and treat it with Iodine solution
    it said "Lugal's solution"
    change 15% t0 25% of your water.........
    and repeat steps 1 2 and 3 if necessary.
    and apparently this desease is caused by stressed out corals.
    too much water currents/fish niping/or other corals releasing its
    toxins of defence.
    good luck and keep us posted...
    you never might happen to some of us in the future.

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    thanks for the reply YELLOWTANG , I've researched BROWN JELLY disease many years ago. unfortunatly I don't have IODINE [LUGOLS DIP] on me and stores are closed. theres unknowns as well about BROWN JELLY [protazoan/bacteria].
    it can happen for for unknow reasons. my tank is perfectly stable. I seen it start on my TORCH, I thought at first it was strange that I was lossing heads on there but thought it might be the area it was in [not enough light] so I went to move it and some of the slime blew around the tank! [NOT GOOD]
    so next went my BLUE MILLI which is right beside my HISPANA.
    I took that rock out last night and fragged it like crazy and blasted all the crap off. hopefully that will help.I'm gonna have to do all my tests today and water change.

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    WOW .. that sucks Johnny. I hope you can get it under control and keep the damage to a minimum. I have some salt and I just posted in your request for salt thread.

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    Is that the stuff that sometimes comes out of the mouth of a torch: brown fillament jelly???
    "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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    yes mike then you get the penut butter out and make a sandwich.hahaha

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    no mike, the stuff your seeing is normal. when you have/get a brown jelly infection you'll know it. It killed my entire BLUE MILLI colony and 5 heads of a torch in a day and a bit.
    XLINK, I know your trying to be funny but theres a chance I stand to loose a few more corals and this aint really a funny thread:bawling:

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    I too have just recently sustained a brown jelly infection on my green hammer while I was on vacation. I came home to just see the last bit of it, and by then had spread next door to a beautiful bubble...I feel your pain Johnny. In my case I think it was induced by chemical warfare.

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