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    Southdown Playsand

     Anyone ever seen or heard of this sand in the Ottawa area? It is supposed to be like pure aragonite sugar sand. When you are setting up a tank the substrate can be a major expense. This stuff is supposed to be at Home Depot in The GTA.
     I've been a strong believer in very fine substartres. They area a pain to rinse and setup but the animals in a reff really seem to prosper.
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    Re: Southdown Playsand

    I've been trying to get this stuff in the area with little to no luck...  I always thought it was only available in parts of the US.  I will place a call with Southdown and see if I can get a pallet of this stuff over the boarder.

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    Re: Southdown Playsand

    There is another maker called Yard Right that makes a tropical playsand (aragonite). They have a website:

    I requested any info about Canadian distribution and will pass it on.
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    Re: Southdown Playsand

    It seems this stuff is only available seasonally and in very limited part of the US. Last time I was in Maryland in Sep 2002, I couldn't find SouthDown sand in their Home Depots. Most of their gardening stuff isn't available in the fall. (Who the hell wants to setup a sandbox during the fall and have it covered by snow during the winter?)
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