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    toadstool leather

    I just got a toadstool leather and the first 48 hour with it was great. It opened up and it's little leather finger thingys came out and everything (I'm not sure the actual term of them so I'll call them finger thingys). Once I knew it was OK I moved it to a better spot and it hasen't come out since. It's folded up and has yellow blotches on this normal? Tonight is the third night for this too.

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    Is it possible that you and the leather have a difference of opinion on what constitutes a better spot?
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    I'm with ShipWreck, sounds like the leather liked the old spot better.

    But any chance there's something irrating it? Another coral close by? In-laws?

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    There is an anenome near by but not anywhere near touching it, I'll take a look at it tonight when I get home to see if anything is in behind it touching it...thanks

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    Keep in mind that leathers will often close up for a while and then shed a layer of skin after being introduced to a new environment. Opening up for a day or two, then closing up for a few days or even a week is not uncommon..
    The blotches don't sound too good though...I'm with Kruger and Shipwreck here..I'd move it back.

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